The American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry



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The American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry 3 (2013), No. 4     20. Dec. 2013
The American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry 3 (2013), No. 4  (20.12.2013)

Page 248-254

Ceramic Fragment Restoration of a Traumatized Tooth in a Young Patient
Rigo, Lindiane Cogo / Baratieri, Luiz / Maia, Hamilton / Arcari, Gilberto
Injuries to the anterior teeth generally have a higher incidence among children and adolescents. Recently, the use of ceramic fragments has become an attractive treatment option for such injuries in young patients. Ceramic fragments offer similar esthetic characteristics to those of the existing tooth structure, provide greater longevity compared to composite resin restorations, and require minimal dental preparation and reduced clinical time, which is especially beneficial for young and/or uncooperative patients. This paper describes a clinical case involving conservative ceramic treatment of a traumatized tooth in a young patient.
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