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The American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry 3 (2013), No. 4     20. Dec. 2013
The American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry 3 (2013), No. 4  (20.12.2013)

Page 264-274

A Multidisciplinary Conservative Approach for Esthetic Correction of Anterior Crowding: A Clinical Case Report
Hawary, Emil
For the cosmetic dentist, anterior crowding can be a big challenge. Esthetic correction of patients with anterior crowding involves orthodontics, restorative treatment, or both. The majority of adult patients seeking smile enhancements in such cases are reluctant to wear visible orthodontic appliances and opt for a more esthetic alternative such as the Invisalign system. The case presented in this article demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach to correct severe anterior crowding using the Invisalign appliance, indirect veneers, and direct composite resin bonding to esthetically improve the patient's smile. The patient was pleased that his smile was corrected in a relatively short time with the invisible aligners. Also, the veneer preparations were conservative because the teeth were in proper alignment. Similar cases can be treated with the multidisciplinary approach described to achieve predictable results that have a positive impact on patients' lives.
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