The American Journal of Esthetic Dentistry



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Issue 3/2013     27. Sep. 2013
Page 165-166
Editorial: Corporate Dentistry in America: Profits Over Patient Care
Simonsen, Richard J.
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Page 167-168
Guest Editorial: Esthetic Dentistry
Darvell, Brian William
Page 170-186
Partial Ceramic Restorations in Anterior Dentition: Case Report of a 10-Year-Old Patient
Malta, Daniel Alexandre Menezes Pedrosa / Bernardon, Jussara Karina / Romanini, José Carlos / Baratieri, Luiz Narciso
Page 188-193
A Dental "Who Done It?"
Chambers, David W.
Page 200-208
Are Some Combinations of Resin Liners and Impression Materials Incompatible with Immediate Dentin Sealing?
Bruzi, Greciana / Carvalho, Adriana O. / Maia, Hamilton P. / Giannini, Marcelo / Magne, Pascal